Community Organization Activities 2010

Summer Fun Children's Program; Swimming at the pool in Mocanaqua
Community Organization Officers for 2011;  From left: John Jarecki (Alternate Scretary/Treasurer), Francis Zeleski (Treasurer), Palmira Gregory Miller ( Frist Vice-President), Tom Kahatus ( president), Bill Hourigan ( Second Vice-President), and Linda Connor (Secretary)

We sponsored a Home Rule Forum in which Vito DeLuca (County solicitor), Walter Grifith (County Controller), and James Haggerty (Kingston Mayor) discussed the proposed Home Rule Charter to reform the structure of Luzerne County's government

Dinner Meeting, December 2011

Kneeling from left to right are Linda Hourigan and Mary Jo Evans.  Sitting from left to right are Palmira Miller, John Jarecki, Linda Conner, Francis Zaleski, Bill Hourigan, Paul Jarecki, and Heidi Jarecki.  Standing from left to right are Tom Kashatus, Leigh Bonczewski, Patrick Cannon, Carol Marcincavage, Faye Maloney, Steven Masakowski, Carolyn Phillips, Stephen Phillips, Harald DeStefano, and Joe Maloney.

President Tom Kashatus presented certificates for work done for the Organization




















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