Community Organization Activities 2011

In February we hosted a dinner for homeless men at St. Adalbert's Church as part of the Vision Program, which at the time was a program that housed the homeless in local churches, for a week in each church.

In April we participated in the Great American Cleanup, cleaning up Kirmar Parkway and several illegal dump sites


In June we set up an information table at the children's bicycle races on the square in Nanticoke In July we presented a check to the Township Police that allowed them to buy an M16 assault rifle, useful for their participation in the Nanticoke regional rapid response unit. The Newport Lion's Club, represented above by Township Commissioner John Zila, made a similar contribution. 

Summer Fun Children's Program -- Swimming in Mocanaqua

Summer Fun tee shirt tie-dying demonstration with Bob Hughes of the Eastern PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation; Bob uses iron oxide extracted from treated mine water for the dye process Middle school students Sarina and Krystal, here with Community Organization members Palmira and Carol, organized a Breast Cancer Walk to raise awareness of the disease and raise money for treatment;  we helped them publicize their project






















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