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The Newport Township Community Organization is a group of Township residents who have been volunteering their time and effort since May of 2004 to improve the quality of life in our community.  This photo album shows some of the activities that the group has been involved in over the years and some ofthe events that have occurrred in the community.



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Auto Show at St. Faustina's Grove

Members of St. Faustina's Parish in Nanticoke sponsored a classic auto show in St. Faustina's Grove in Sheatown in late September of 2013.  The Community Organization, held a chili cookoff at the show on behalf of the event.

  Classic Auto Show  



Swim Events 2013

In July and August the Community Organziation sponsored two swim for children at the public pool in Mocanaqua.


  Swim Event July 21  
  Swim Event August 6  



Community Organization of the Night

At the Railriders’ home game on August 16, 2013, the Community Organization was the featured group in the team’s Community Organization of the Night program at PNC Field in Moosic.


  Community Organization of the Night  



Great American Cleanup

The Community Organization has participated in the Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania every spring since that of 2005. In this effort, we have carried out big junk drop offs and also cleanups of illegal dumpsites and community roads. These are some recent photos.


  Great American Cleanup 2013  



Trip to Tom's River

In December 2012 members of the Community Organization, together with the Saint Faustina Grove Committee and the Newport Consolidated Fire Department, traveled to Toms River, New Jersey to provide a Christmas meal and further assistance to those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.


  Trip to Tom's River  



Community Organization Activities by Year

The following are photos grouped by year showing some of the activities of the Newport Township Community Organization.


  Activities 2007  
  Activities 2008  
  Activities 2009  
  Activities 2010  
  Activities 2011  



Community Organization Individual Events

The following are photos of specific events held by the Community Organization: including our Summer Fun Program for children, our Victorian Tea Party, our fundraising Fall Festivals, and Spring Hike up the mountain overlooking Wanamie.


  Summer Fun 2006  
  Summer Fun 2007  
  Victorian Tea Party 2006  


  Fall Festival 2005  
  Fall Festival 2006  


  Wanamie Hike 2006  



Flooding in Mocanaqua and Schickshinny

In September of 2011, our neighbours along the Susquehanna experienced a devastating floor.  Many homes are businesses in Mocanaqua and Shickshinny were seriously damaged.  They Community Organization donated needed cleaning supplies and food to the people in Mocanaqua and Shickshinny while they were getting their properties cleaned up and lives reorganized.

These are photos of the situation at the time in both communities.


  Flood of 2011:  


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