Trip to Tom's River

December 2013



On December 22 of 2012 the Saint Faustina Grove Committee and the Newport Consolidated Fire Department traveled to Toms River, New Jersey to provide a Christmas meal and further assistance to those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  The Newport Township Community Organization donated $250 toward the effort, and Tom Kashatus, First Vice Pesident of the Organization, was one of those making the trip.  The following photographs show scenes from the trip, including photos of the damage cause by the storm to the town of Toms River.  

From Left:  Jacob Bevan, Dan Kowalski, Avis Miller, Mike Yalch, Jackie Yalch, Lea Kowalski, Jamie Kropiewnicki, Nicholas Kowalski, Dave Lukashewski, Maria Lukashewski, Sharon Cease, Frank Baker, Deborah Kearney, Father Jim Nash, Nicole Kearney.

Absent from photo:  Cassie Yalch, Dorothy Nagy and Tom Kashatus (Photographer)


The St. Faustina-Newport group unloading supplies that they brought to Toms River 
The Elks Hall at Toms River where the Christmas dinner was held

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