My Rights are not subservient to their wants, wishes, desires or fears. They are mine by birth, a Gift from my Creator. Our Constitution guarantees to protect these Rights, it does not grant them to us!


Articles that explain my philosophy


September 11, 2001 & 2012

The Lack of Common Sense in our Nations Capitol

NBC Comes to the Aid of Hillaryous Clinton and her Presidential bid.

My proposed 28th Amendment

My Response to Ari Fleischer's Letter asking for a Donation

A Hate filled Liberal Diatribe against conservatives & my response.

Write a letter to your Senator and tell him to defund PPACA.

The Evil Empire begins.

I too have a dream!

A Few Thoughts about Independence Day


Letter to Senators Casey and Toomey about the Senate Amnesty Bill S. 744

Irritate the Government Snoops and the Totalitarian Jackasses (Congress) that support them.

PA Gun owners, Please contact your State Reps and ask them to support the bills listed here.

Hillary asked, "What does it matter?" This is why it matters.

Walter Brasch's diatribe against the Second Amendment and My Response.

Rush Limbaugh said America is a dying Country, I disagree.

How to handle Illegal Immigrants

Progressives in America

Thought about Background Checks

Out of Control Government

A few thoughts about success

Secrets, Secrecy and Government

Third Parties Take Notice

Career Politicians, Yuck!

A Voter ID Suggestion just to irritate the Progressives

Just a Thought about Change.

How to Wrest Control from Vile Congress Critters, A Beginning!

A letter from someone born during the depression.



Pictures I made, doctored or found on the net


Hillaryous shows the respect she has for others.

She's all that and more!

The resemblance is striking!

Attorney General Eric "Stonewall" Holder

Hillary & the Communist States of America



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